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Many executive managers are also the sales & marketing manager. Although it's not written on their busines card.


In the face of Industry 4.0 all flavors are merging. So, if your business aims at companies, you're in the right spot.


You'll find all the potential partners and subcontractors you need out here. As well as a lot of thought inspiration.


This is the prime place for customer-facing challenges. We like to share our passion for clients.

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S&M HR Essentials - March 24 - Ghent (BE) - Dutch Spoken

Half a day. Seven speakers. All the new ideas.
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2017 Calendar

  • S&M HR Essentials March 24 - Sales Man Overboard
  • Summer Drink July 18, 2017
  • Summer Drink August 22, 2017
  • Marketing Automation Essentials October 6, 2017 - digital tools and how to make them work
  • Sales Execution Essentials December 1, 2017 - from product catalogue to solution selling


COMM 1703254 event overview

Great first event for Commanity 2.0

March 25, 2017 – Sales man overboard, was the title of our first event in the new Commanity 2.0 format. Friday afternoon before returning home. Family-friendly and traffic jam avoiding. Sharp and short presentations. Nice network. "It was like a confetti of information. Some of the bits and pieces were out of my scops. Others were head on it. To capture that much useful info, would normally require me to visit more than one tedious seminar," reflected one of the participants.

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Whether you are the general manager, the sales & marketing manager, a Business Unit Manager, or even any other CxO from a B2B company, effective Sales & Marketing management is the number one driver for your success. Understanding this driver, exchanging experiences with peers, finding the right experts that can help you, are the main reasons for you to become a member of Commanity.

Run by thought leaders

Commanity was originally created by thought leaders in the domain of B2B sales & marketing management. It is now supported by a diverse range of services providers, product vendors, and consultants in various domains of expertise, such as marketing & sales, supply chain management, production, HR, and even finance. They have one passion in common - helping their customers to become more customer intimate.

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